Apr 25th 2019
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Gates Healthcare Selected by MVMA

MIDDLETON, Mass. (April 23, 2019) – Gates Healthcare Associates, a pharmacy and healthcare consulting firm that works with providers on pharmacy compliance and management, has been engaged by the Massachusetts Veterinary Medicine Association (MVMA) to help the organization and its members comply with new pharmacy regulations being implemented this year.

Gates Healthcare Associates will specifically support the organization and its members on compliance with regulations that will affect their practices, including: USP 800, the stringent new pharmacy standards on workplace safety that take effect this December; ever-strengthening U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulations on controlled substances; and Board of Registration in Veterinary Medicine requirements. 

Gates Healthcare Associates plans to provide training and education opportunities, compliance assessments, and will proactively prepare practices for upcoming inspections or changes in regulations.

“Compounding pharmacy and management of controlled substances are a major part of veterinary practice but they often do not get the attention they should in a busy practice,” said Susan G. Curtis, MVMA Executive Director.  “Through this new relationship with Gates Healthcare, we can ensure that as a profession we stay on top of rigorous new requirements for pharmacy in our individual clinical practices.”

“Regulatory compliance in the pharmacy realm has become increasingly complex,” said Ernest P. Gates Jr., Gates Healthcare Associates President & CEO.  “We look forward to working with MVMA and its members to make this part of veterinary practice more manageable.”

Gates Healthcare will serve as a resource to MVMA members who are challenged by the new requirements.  Members who would like to learn more about the services Gates Healthcare Associates offers can contact the company at (978) 646-0091.