Medical Marijuana Consulting Services

Medical marijuana refers to the use of cannabis and its cannabinoids to treat disease or improve symptoms. Medical cannabis can be administered in a variety of methods, including vaporizing, ingesting medicated treats, taking capsules, or using oral sprays.

The rollout of medical marijuana facilities nationwide has been bumpy, with lawsuits and controversy delaying the openings. Gates Healthcare Associates will participate as part of your team to provide specific consulting services to help speed licensing and avoid delays.

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Detailed Services

State & Federal Compliance

Inspection Preparation (Pre-Certification; Final Inspection after beginning Cultivation) ⦿ Post-Inspection Remediation Support ⦿ Security and Compliance with all Licensure Requirements ⦿ Liaison with State and Local Law Enforcement for Transparency ⦿ Liaison with State Medical Society and Regional Groups

Pharmacological Science Support

Formulation Evaluation & Development ⦿ Quality Assurance & Quality Control Analysis

Policy & Procedures

Evaluate Policy & Procedures on Completeness and Utilization ⦿ SOP Development for Operational Requirements (Production and Distribution/Dispensing)

Training & Education

Staff Training ⦿ Patient Education and Advocacy

DEA Compliance

Liaison with DEA for Transparency ⦿ Accountability Audit ⦿ Quarterly Audits
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