Mar 28th 2019
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Latest News - Out of the Gates March 2019

How is Fido feeling today?

Pet ownership is ever-popular in the United States. According to a recent survey, about 38 percent of households are home to at least one dog, and cats aren't far behind at 25 percent. Pet ownership overall is 57 percent, with species ranging from fish and ferrets to guinea pigs and snakes. 

With growing pet ownership comes growing demand for pet medication. The demand is met both by compounders and veterinarians. It's a niche market that some say could surpass $1 billion in the next five years.

Veterinary compounding is often part of the mix when we work with clients, and we're increasing our focus in this area -- thus, the exciting announcement below about the newest associate to join our team of experts. Please read on. 

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Ernest P. Gates Jr., RPh, FASCP, FIACP, FACA
President, Gates Healthcare Associates 
Veterinary Pharmacist Joins Gates Healthcare Consulting Team

Gates Healthcare is pleased to announced that Sue Hudson Duran, RPh, MS, PhD, has joined its team of expert consultants.

Dr. Duran has more than four decades of experience as a veterinary pharmacist, including as director of pharmacy at Auburn University's large animal clinic and a clinical pharmacist at the College of Veterinary Medicine. She also serves as a professor at the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine and as an adjunct clinical professor at the Harrison School of Pharmacy. Her areas of research consist of pharmacokinetic studies, gastrointestinal drugs, nonsteroidal drugs, and extended release novel dosage formulations.
Dr. Duran looks forward to advising Gates Healthcare clients on all matters related to veterinary pharmacy. 

Rx Security at Heart of New Partnership 

Gates Healthcare is pleased to announce a new partnership with Scripps Safe, Inc. 

Scripps Safe is the nation's leading provider of Rx security solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Focusing on the nation's 1.85 million controlled substance license holders, Scripps Safe employs dedicated employees trained to provide the highest level of service on solutions that others can't solve. It is a major supplier of UL-listed, regulatory-compliant pharmacy safes, narcotics safes, drug vaults and other security solutions.
For more information about Scripps Safe, please click here.
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