Jul 7th 2021
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Latest News - Out of the Gates September 2020

Dear Ernest,
We just passed Labor Day but it seemed like Groundhog Day because of the way many of us took a few more tentative steps beyond our COVID-limited comfort zones and out into the cold reality of the pandemic -- masks and sanitizer in hand. With infection rates easing in many areas, regular activity is increasing.
While we remain cautiously (very cautiously) optimistic, members of the Gates Healthcare team will be emerging this month to meet on-site with clients, as needed, to provide their expertise in person.
For us, working remotely is antithetical to our consulting mission. Yet it was entirely necessary for health and safety reasons. When we were quarantining, we continued serving our clients, building new relationships with state boards of pharmacy, and collaborating with colleagues in the compounding profession.
Getting back to the way things used to be will not be easy. But just like in the crises and calamities before this one, we will get there, one steady step at a time.
Best wishes,
Ernest P. Gates Jr.,
Insights and Updates
Congratulations to Kare Pharmacy on achieving URAC accrediation.
The Gates Healthcare team guided the Danville, Virginia compounding pharmacy through the months-long process of application submission, document preparation, and the review and validation process.
In a complex industry where there is so much at stake, accreditation through an independent, third party is extremely beneficial. URAC accreditation improves an organization's performance and demonstrates the value it places on safety and continuous quality improvement.
Gates Healthcare Associates has the expertise to guide healthcare organizations through the rigorous process of URAC accreditation.
The coronavirus pandemic has sent shock waves through the healthcare system and prompted many regulatory changes by public health agencies.
For example, California's governor issued an executive order to facilitate the availability of certain medical supplies related to COVID-19. Manufacturers of over-the-counter-drugs, such as hand sanitizer, were allowed to operate in the state with only a temporary registration, rather than a license form the Department of Public Health.
For those needing assistance in navigating this complex and evolving regulatory environment, LicenseLogix can assist.
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