Jul 7th 2021
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Respective State Licensee Inspections and Compliance Monitoring

Your Board is charged with the vital function of ensuring that compounding pharmacies and outsourcing facilities are compliant with the regulations it has established, and the only way to properly do so is to conduct comprehensive inspections by a team that is trained and experienced in compounding and one that possesses subject matter expertise about the applicable USP chapters: <795>, <797> and <800>.

If your state has considered or currently requiring compounding pharmacies and outsourcing facilities to obtain their own independent inspections, we wanted you to be aware that our firm, Gates Healthcare Associates, has a highly experienced compounding pharmacy inspection team. Gates Healthcare Associates has conducted scores of inspections and has worked not only with individual pharmacies and outsourcing facilities, but with states that have contracted with us to conduct state inspections.

As licensed entities turn to your board to provide them with a list of inspection resources, we hope that our information will be included. Your board and its licensees can trust our inspections and experts to be fair, thorough and fully knowledgeable about all state pharmacy regulations. Our national team allows us to quickly schedule inspections across the country.

If your state board of pharmacy conducts its own inspections, Gates Healthcare Associates has the expertise to conduct any remediation or monitoring services your board may require of licensees. When it comes to the science of compounding, no level of risk is acceptable. Please consider trusting our firm to help keep citizens in your state safe.